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Help Linsey Godfrey Cure Cancer!

Help Linsey Godfrey Cure Cancer!

A MESSAGE FROM B&B’S LINSEY GODFREY: “I’m reaching out to ask for support of the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society! Make a donation NOW of any size […]

Ask Cathy- 9/18/15

QUESTION: Hi Cathy! Would you please tell me the name and artist of the song that played during Ridge & Caroline’s wedding? Thank you! ANSWER: The […]

Ask Cathy- 9/4/15

QUESTION: There is an adorable blouse that Steffy wore this week that I must have! It is black with long sleeves and cut outs at the […]

Ask Cathy- 8/28/15

QUESTION: Hi Cathy! I absolutely love the dress that Nicole wore to Maya & Rick’s wedding! Would you please tell me the designer’s name and where […]

Ask Cathy- 8/21/15

QUESTION: I have been a loyal viewer of B&B since day one! I was just wondering about the scenes with the Forrester Creations truck. Where exactly […]

Ask Cathy- 8/14/15

QUESTION: Hi Cathy! I’m SO bummed that I am not able to attend any of the three B&B fan events this weekend! Is there any way […]

Ask Cathy- 8/7/15

QUESTION: Darin Brooks is my favorite actor and I would love to see Ivy and Wyatt get even closer in the future! Would you please tell […]

Ask Cathy- 7/31/15

QUESTION: Hi Cathy! I have been searching for the two piece peach outfit that Ivy recently wore! It is so beautiful! Would you please post the […]


Get “Lost in Time”!

To purchase “Lost in Time”, the song that played during Aly’s memorial service, go to Lost in Time. The song was performed by Isabelle and written […]

Ask Cathy- 7/24/15

QUESTION: My family and I love the “F” windows in the Forrester Creations’ CEO office, especially because our family’s name is Forrester, too! Would you please […]

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