Ask Cathy- 1/23/15

QUESTION: I love the B&B theme song. Would you please tell me a little bit more about it? Thank you! ANSWER: “High Upon This Love” is the title of B&B’s theme song. It was written by Emmy Award-winning composers Jack Allocco and David Kurtz. Many don’t know that the song actually has lyrics and was […]

Ask Cathy- 1/16/15

QUESTION: I love the bed in Katie’s bedroom! Please tell me who makes it and where I can buy it. I am moving to a new home and would be so happy to have that bed. Thank you in advance for your response. ANSWER: Katie’s bed was purchased at Crate & Barrel and their website […]

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LOS ANGELES – CBS, the top-rated network in Daytime, will celebrate the 7000th episode of THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL on Friday, Jan. 23 (1:30-2:00 PM, ET; 12:30-1:00 PM, PT). This special milestone episode will break format and feature a retrospective documentary that showcases the most iconic moments and the history of the show’s creation, […]

Ask Cathy- 1/9/15

QUESTION: Hi Cathy, B&B’s has been SO good lately… even better than usual! The Rick/Caroline/Maya storyline is keeping me at the edge of my seat! Kudos to everyone involved! Quick question: How many episodes does B&B produce a year? Thanks! ANSWER: B&B produced approximately 250 episodes per year. On Friday, January 23rd, the show’s 7000th […]

B&B's January Fan of the Month- John Benzer

B&B’s January Fan of the Month- John Benzer

Hello Everyone! My name is John, and I live in Houston, Texas. Being chosen as January’s Bold and the Beautiful Fan of the Month is a truly exciting and humbling honor. I have watched CBS soaps since I was very young, and my loyalties have never wavered in the last 40+ years!! I have watched […]

Ask Cathy- 1/2/15

QUESTION: Hi Cathy, I love the “rope climbers” on the wall in Quinn’s apartment. Where do they come from? I would love to buy a set for my home! Thank you! ANSWER: These climbers were purchased at a store called Blueprint in Los Angeles. Their website is “Ask Cathy” is where fans of The […]

Ask Cathy- 12/26/14

QUESTION: Hi Cathy, My absolute favorite thing about B&B is the fashion! Would you please tell me who designed the dresses that Hope modeled in her photo shoot in Paris? Thank you! ANSWER: All the gowns Hope wore in Paris for that photo shoot were designed by Monique Lhuillier. The website is and you […]



This holiday season The Bold and the Beautiful gets into “Spirit of Christmas” with a very special original song written by Casey Kaspryzk and Anthony Ferrari especially for our Christmas episode which was taped at The Union Rescue Mission @URM on Los Angeles’ Skid Row. Sung by actress Karla Mosley, “Spirit of Season” reminds us […]

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Ask Cathy- 12/19/14

QUESTION: Hi Cathy, I love tweeting along with @BoldInsider during the show! I’d also love to follow the cast on Twitter, too. There are a lot of fake accounts out there pretending to be your cast members. Would you please post a list of all of their REAL account names? Thank you! ANSWER: Thanks for […]

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Ask Cathy- 12/12/14

QUESTION: Hi Cathy, What is the name and artist of the song that played this week during the emotional montage at the hospital? Thank you! ANSWER: The song is “Wish I Had The Why” by Shelly Fraley.