Premiere 23-Mar-87
Produced By Bell-Phillip Television Productions, Inc.
Executive Producer/Head Writer Bradley P. Bell
Created By William J. Bell
 Lee Phillip Bell
Supervising Producer Edward J. Scott
Supervising Producer Casey Kasprzyk
Producers Cynthia J. Popp
 Mark Pinciotti
Line Producer Ann Willmott
Co-Head Writer Michael Minnis
Writers Rex M. Best
 Shannon Bradley
 Adam Dusevoir
 Tracey Ann Kelly
 Patrick Mulcahey
 Mark Pinciotti
 Michele Val Jean
Director of Special Projects & Lee Phillip Bell
Long-Term Story Advisor 
Chief Financial Officer Rich Ginger
Senior Vice President, Operations Anthony Ferrari
Directors Cynthia J. Popp
 Jennifer Howard
 Anthony Pascarelli
 Heather Tom
Associate Directors Catherine Sedwick
 Brian Connell
 Jennifer Scott Christenson
 Anthony Pascarelli
 Marc Beruti
Stage Managers Lisa Winther-Huston
Booth Production Assistants Robin Harvey
 Erica Ginger
Production Designer Jack Forrestel
Art Director Fabrice Kenwood
Set Decorators Charlotte Garnell
Costume Designer Glenda Maddox
Wardrobe Supervisor Renee Brunson
Assistant Costumers Ross Fuentes
 Gail Mosley
 Jeresa Featherstone
 Angelo Santos 
Costumers Jennifer Johns
Lighting Directors Patrick Cunniff
 Phil Callan
Composers Bradley P. Bell
 John Nordstrom
Music Coordinator Lothar Struff
Casting Director Christy Dooley
Casting Associate Rachel Rose Oginsky
Studio Manager Todd Heinrich
Vice President, Communications Eva Basler
VP of International Sales, BBL Christine Waage
VP of International Publicity, BBL David Gregg
Executive Production Associate Jennifer Tartaro
Production Supervisor Lori Ranieri
Production Coordinator Rachel Herman
Production Office Assistant Sarah Perna
Executive Assistant Susan Debonne
Manager, Business Affairs Nayeli Meza
Technical Director Gary Chamberlin
Camera John Carlson
 Ted Morales
 Nico Svoboda
Video Roberto Bosio
 Taylor Campian
 George Forbes
Videotape Editors Brian Bagwell
 Marc Beruti
 Nicole Conrad
Boom Operators Justin LaMont
 Nick Krotov
Post Production Audio Jerry Martz
 Daniel Lecuna
Audio Brian Connell
 Aaron Lepley
 Tommy Persson
Head Prop Linda Grand
Head Grip Jack Kidd
Head Electric Brent Conner
Hair Design Lisa Long
Make-up Design Christine Lai Johnson
Fan Club Director Cathy Tomas

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