An Internship with The Bold and The Beautiful is an amazing opportunity for college students to get hands on experience working on an award winning daytime drama. We highly value our interns and are committed to providing them with the best internship experience possible.

Bold and Beautiful interns contribute to the day-to-day operation of the production and publicity offices by assisting in the distribution of scripts, sorting of daily mail, categorization of actor submissions to the casting department, creation of script synopses, as well as carrying out specific project assignments as needed by our staff.

In addition to the valuable help interns provide us with, we are committed to giving every intern the opportunity to observe all areas of production. We schedule a substantial amount of observation time because we believe this overview helps students to solidify the area of production they would like to center their future career around. Students who already have a firm grasp of their career plans are able to observe more intensely in the area of their choice. Our executive and production staff as well as our technical, editing, wardrobe, scenic, publicity, hair and makeup teams are available and willing to discuss what they do and how they attained the position they now have.

We view internships as a great chance for students to get an inside view of how the entertainment industry works on all levels. Interning at B&B gives students the unique opportunity to see all aspects of the pre-production, production and post-production processes. As we produce a show and a half every day, every department is always in an important stage of preparation or execution.

We require all of our Interns to work two to three full days a week. The two shifts are 9-5 and 11-7, but shift times may change due to the production schedule for the week. Interns are paid $10/hour.

In order to be qualified for a B&B Internship, you’ll need to fill out this form:
Sarah Perna
The Bold and The Beautiful
7800 Beverly Blvd. #3371
Los Angeles, CA 90036

We love to hire interns who impress us with their intelligence, energy and enthusiasm! Thank you for your interest. We look forward to hearing from you!
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